Brockwells Forestry is a vegetation clearance contractor, specialising in overhead utility line clearance for all voltages up to 132kV.

We undertake forestry works for electricity supply utilities, entailing cutting trees and vegetation in the vicinity of overhead electricity supply cables and subsequent storage on site of mature timber or disposal of all vegetation in a safe and controlled manner.


The works are carried out in a wide variety of locations including, but not limited to, farmland, domestic gardens, public highways, public pathways, and industrial facilities. The work is carried out by skilled, trained and competent individuals working in groups of not less than two and usually three or more at the work site.

We have over 115 experienced powerline clearance personnel working as 47 teams of two or three people. All tree cutting operatives are trained to the standards necessary to carry out the work, these include;

We also have a team of experienced surveyors, senior authorised personnel (SAPs) for shut down operations, health & safety staff, administration, programming and data management staff.

Our turnover has increased year on year since our inception in 1992, with a current turnover of £8m.

Our Team

We operate a highly trained and fully mechanised staff of management and specialising in the clearance of overhead powerlines. The degree of training and supervision received by our staff allows us to carry out clearance work live, unlike the majority of utilities maintenance companies, facilitating a minimum of supply disruption to your customers.

Where dead work is required, we have in-house senior authorised personnel, with an exceptional knowledge of the network, enduring supply disruption is reduced to an absolute minimum. Most of our clearance work is carried out from all terrain vehicles, mostly Unimogs, mounted with telescopic access platforms.


In association with the use of insulated tools, we have ensured the safest possible working environment for our clearance operatives and we boast a safety record of which we are justifiably proud. The combination of equipment and expertise we possess allows access and work to be carried out in the most challenging environments, which means the resilience of the network is maintained across the board.

When the unforeseen occurs and we experience freak weather conditions causing faults, we are able to respond and mobilise at great speed to resolve any issues which may arise.

Essentially we offer complete management solutions to all vegetation-related network resilience problems.

All tree cutting operatives are trained to the standards necessary to carry out the work, these include;


Brockwells Forestry has the following plant and machinery;

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow a sustainable business, becoming the powerline vegetation clearance contractor of choice throughout the UK and Europe. We strive for techological, social, and environmental excellence in all our activities.



Southern Electric plc

Having formed in 1992, Brockwells Forestry worked with Southern Electric using skilled staff from Eastern Electric plc, Southern Electric plc, British Rail, and numberous local authorities.


Seeboard and Eastern plc

From 1994 to 1999, our main client was Seeboard plc, where we had the line clearing contract, as well as several clearance contracts with Eastern plc.


Seeboard and EDF Energy

The award of the Vegetation Management Contract for Seeboard (EDF Energy) covering all power lines up to 132kV, included a 24 hour call emergency service.


EDF Energy and UK Power Networks

Brockwells Forestry were awarded a tree cutting contract in 2009 by EDF Energy involving vegetation clearance across Kent, Sussex and Surrey. EDF Energy were later acquired by UK Power Networks.


Scottish and Southern Energy

Brockwells Forestry are currently working on a contract awarded for works across the South of England.


Brockwells Forestry has a set of company ambitions;

  1. Business integrity
  2. Social responsibility
  3. Innovation
  4. Protection of the environment
  5. Customer focus
  6. Health & safety
  7. Business growth