In order to ensure a continued level of excellence, we maintain a high level of auditing in all areas of operation. This allows us to react to areas that need additional attention, as well as having a proactive approach to work planning, policy development and team improvement. Our teams are kept abreast of developments by attending company meetings, ongoing training and professional development sessions, as well as the production of tool-box-talks, safety bulletins and monthly newsletters.

Environmental Auditing

In addition to pre-work inspections of all sites, including liaising with planning authorities and government agencies for sensitive sites, we have a 100% post work inspection by our full-time team to ensure sites are left in a safe and environmentally responsible fashion. Many sites are also audited by ADAS, BSi and the audit teams of our customers.

Safety and Health audits

Our full time safety and health team undertakes regular planned, spot check audits and field visits on all our operational teams. This focuses on proper levels of training and competence, as well as ensuring such diverse operations as working at height, vehicle maintenance, plant operation and emergency provision follow industry best practice. Outside health and safety audits are conducted by BSi and the audit teams of our customers.

Process audits

Our audit team tracks work, from the planning stage right through to completion. This allows the compliance to the required standards right across all operations.
The findings of our all audits are fed back to the operational teams, management and the company directors to ensure current policy and processes are kept constantly in date, and new techniques and improvements are developed.