Brockwells Forestry have recently taken delivery of a Mercedes Unimog U500 with a Versalift VST6000mhi. Boasting the largest height and outreach of any other Insulated Aerial Device (IAD) based on a vehicle chassis in the UK, Brockwells Forestry will use the plant in association with our already extensive fleet to enable us to reach higher than ever before.

In our endeavour to become the most experienced and specialised Vegetation Management company working in proximity of overhead lines, we understand that mechanisation is key to achieving this goal. The additional height and outreach by the vehicle enables our operatives to gain access to canopies that is traditionally impossible to get to using conventional means such as a rope and harness.

At Brockwells Forestry, the safety of our operatives is imperative and our first and most important goal. We utilise only Insulated Aerial Devices as a mean of protection. Work adjacent to powerlines is inherently hazardous and we treat the vehicles as a form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), whilst adhering to Engineering Recommendation G55/2 as best practice. If we are unable to carry out the works from the ground, we may utilise the VST6000 as a safer option than having to use a chainsaw from a rope and harness, again following safe practice as recommended by the HSE.