Brockwells Forestry for over 20 years have continued to innovate and develop the industry of vegetation management in regards to overhead powerlines and other utilities. We understand that having a highly skilled workforce accompanied by the right tools to do the job that we can utilise methods that allow us to progress the industry.

Due to the complexities of a modern electricity network, there are occasions when, the complexities of turning off the flow of electricity by a shutdown where Brockwells Forestry has been consulted in the possibility of carrying out works to the vegetation whilst the power is still on.

Many vegetation management companies working in the vicinity of overhead powerlines are required to work according to “Engineering Recommendation Issue 3”. This document produced by the Energy Networks Association in collaboration with the Regional Electricity Companies to provide guidance to working on trees in the proximity to overhead lines.

Our understanding of this document has allowed us, to produce our Advanced Live Cutting Techniques. This document, unique to Brockwells Forestry allows us to carry out works to vegetation that would be unattainable to conventional means of working. As part of these techniques, operatives wishing to be able to undertake these works, must undergo a series of exhaustive training programs as well as being highly competent in the use of our insulated aerial devices.