Brockwells Forestry, as well as carrying out vegetation clearance operations for various utilities, we also supply a comprehensive management system for all aspects of vegetation clearance and their associated practices.

In a modern world of speed and information, it is vital that our clients receive the information that pertains to them, as soon as it is available. Using handheld devices, we have created vegetation management systems, which are used to collect data from the field and are processed through our central server and reports are sent through to our clients.

An example of this can be seen by works done on behalf of an regional electricity company in the following steps:

The presence of such systems to our clients has proved invaluable, as our clients tend to be governed by their ability to provide a positive customer relation with their own customers. The ability to report back quickly and accurately is essential in a modern world.

In addition to our real time handheld devices, we are also able to produce bespoke mapping systems, both electronically and in paper form to an extremely high standard, allowing the end users to be able to accurately locate both works and assets. These can be used on the handheld devices as an alternative means of working.