Brockwells Forestry is a sustainable company, whom are committed to protecting the environment. Managing vegetation and woodlands, is essentially the core of our business and it is essential that we have some understanding on sustainability and the environment.

All of our operatives undertake substantial training to understand how to correctly prune and cut trees, we understand that it is imperative in our work to ensure that trees remain both healthy through good working practices whilst ensuring that they remain aesthetically pleasing.

We are also able to carry out tree planting and moving. Our consultants are able to recommend trees that will look both aesthetic as well as blending in with the local area and of course suited to the ground type and climate.

As part of our ongoing operations, we have had substantial experience with working with environmental groups as well as governing bodies. Many utilities cross over environmentally sensitive lands such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) which require approved assents from Natural England. We have vast experience of liaising with such entities to ensure that we cause minimum disruption and impact to such sites.