Resilience tree cutting, is a term that has been adopted by Electricity Network Operators in response to guidance documentation written by the Energy Network Association titled “ETR 132 – Improving network performance under abnormal weather conditions by use of a risk based approach to vegetation management near electric overhead lines”. Using this guidance alongside data pertaining to the overhead network design and vegetation data, Network Operators are able to identify weaknesses in their overhead networks that in adverse weather conditions could potentially cause a power cut.

Brockwells Forestry are able to undertake all resilience works to our clients requirements, including making recommendations, surveying and undertaking clearance works. We look at various entities that allow the prioritising of different sites to allow budgets to be sent efficiently, including:

Upon identification of sites, we are then able to assess the sites using our trained and experienced surveyors and able to give recommendations which may include the removal of high risk vegetation to reduce the risk of the site or to complete processing of the vegetation to guarantee a risk free network.